About Us

MacArthur Woodworks has proudly been in business since October 2019. We got our start through making resin charcuterie boards, but have gone on to design and create custom tables, bookshelves, and even launch a kids section in April 2022.

"MacArthur" is a family name passed down for 4 generations. 


If you are a maker visiting this page, welcome! Here are all my affiliate links:


Link to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MacArthurWoodworks 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MacArthurWoodworks/featured

Instagram: @macarthurwoodworks

Facebook: MacArthur Woodworks

Email: macarthurworks@gmail.com

Affiliate Links / Products I Use:

Starbond: "MAC10" Starbond Adhesives: https://www.starbond.com/?rfsn=4901786.80c302

Walrus Oil: "MAC10" Finish: https://walrusoil.sjv.io/vnDnZW

Baltic Day Pigments: "MAC10" https://balticday.com?sca_ref=1209155.lgrYvyrf8G

BAD Workwear: "MAC10" https://www.badworkwear.com/

The Real Milk Paint Co Affiliate: "MAC10" https://www.realmilkpaint.com/ref/macarthurwoodworks/

SuperClear Resin: https://www.superepoxysystems.com/liquid-glass-epoxy/